Could This Be The Next Multibagger Sector?

India exported seafood worth $5.64 billion during first 10 months of 2017-18 as compared to $4.98 billion a year ago. This adds up to a growth of 13.27 percent. India’s seafood export remained on the upward curve even though global shrimp price has fallen due to oversupply from major shrimp producing nations. This prompt a question in our mind could this consumption trend give us next multibagger in this sector.

Also, more stringent test regime to detect antibiotics residue in frozen shrimp consignment are imposed by EU.

The US has included shrimp in SIMP (Seafood import monitoring program), a body that monitors the quality of imports. Earlier it has imposed an anti-dumping duty.

Even EU points to India to monitor the production of shrimp before export.

SIMP require information of imported seafood throughout the cycle from capture to the point of sale.

Now, these measures prevent illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activity. As the measures discussed above will come into effect on jan1, 2019.

This whole scenario makes a great opportunity for organized players such as Waterbase, Oceanaa Biotek industries Ltd, Apex frozen food and many more ..

 Waterbase and Oceanaa Biotek industries Ltd could be the beneficiary of the change in the industry.

Now you would question why just shrimp in seafood industry is the prime focus of the post?

Because in recent years, Shrimp is the driving the seafood exports.

via : Bs media


As we observe high protein diets are encouraged nowadays. As the health conscious trend in picking up. It is obvious that the demand is growing and will grow further. So you can have few picks in this industry to take benefits.


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