Budget 2018 -Perspective

Budget! It is usually an eventful topic and is a heated conversation around the time of its release in India. From a small farmer to a big industrialist the budget holds something for everyone whether to see from rural distress or reduction in taxes. This would be a last full budget before the 2019 elections and that the government has already spent all of its budgeted expenditure which add icing on cake on topic. Gujarat elections has already affected this budget in multiple ways. Some main topics on which Budget shall be revolving around- 

Election-Gujarat elections showed BJP is popular in urban areas than in rural, if you can recollect FY 2009-2010 budget just before 2009 general election that time Govt has waived farmers loans which turned out to be a turning situation for victory of congress which shows BJP will show more dearness towards this sector. 

Housing-“Housing for All by 2022” aimed for urban areas mission needs to focused as this sector will contribute employment, having large inventories of unsold houses, banks recapitalization which will help in booming housing finance sector. 

GST-Implementation of GST effect of which there is tinkering of indirect taxes, it’s been more than 6 months when GST was rolled out still more cuts are anticipated. From this sector, companies which are related to accounting will be benefited as there would be a regular cashflow for them by filing the returns on regular basis and Benefiting specific industry of which rates will trim. 

Taxes-Reduction in taxes? Whether it could be individual or corporates tax. A very hot topic for most people. I believe there can be, as there is need of Govt Investments. It could also be possible of increasing personal investment limit. 


Although I have covered some of topics which according to me is more centric. 


Do share your thoughts as well. 

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