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Brains behind Wealthblog

Mayank Kulshrestha
Financial Freedom Enthusiast
Spend 6 years in learning Stocks & Mutual funds Investment. A traveler from soul, finance is passion, Investment is hobby.
Anurag Yadav
Investor & Blogger

Experience of 8 years in stock investment. I learned everything by making a lot of mistakes and losing a good amount of money, I am here to make sure you don't lose on either: Hope or Money.

Yogesh Singh
Contributor & Blogger
1.5 years of experience in stock investment and still learning. I help wealthblog to understand beginner's mindset, with the motto of delivering the best guidance to our beginner readers.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffet

Story of Wealthblog


We started our stock journey back in 2008 with no background or help. The first approach we adopted was hit and trial and made a ton of mistakes. Like most beginners, the stock market felt like a gamble after all to us and we started losing hope.


As within 2 years, we lost a substantial amount of money. So we thought of giving up. But we didn’t. Instead, we thought if Warren Buffet and other great investors can be consistently successful in stocks, there has to be a science behind it. So for 2 years, I studied in depth about stocks, and Mayank who was interested in Mutual funds and Financial freedom subject joined in to form a team in the adventure of investing world.


After understanding about stock investing, we realized how wrong we were about stock investment fundamentals. So from there on investing approach changed and so did the returns. And we never looked back. Then we helped our friends and families to invest and understand investment.

2017-Till Now

We start creating our own stocks portfolio and started sharing with our near-ones. After earning decent returns, one of our friend Yogesh, who is also a contributor to the blog insisted us to share our insights and knowledge to the public and make them understand the importance of investment and long term benefits. And hence the brainchild: Wealthblog.in came into existence.

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